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Appeasing the Fanboys

15 th March 2012

If you’ve been following along, you know that in the past I modded GTA & the Sims, which is where you add your own 3D models to the game.  Well last montht Bethesda, the game developer who created Skyrim recently released a tool called the “Creation Kit” which allows people to mod Skyrim relatively easily.  I am learning how to use the Creation Kit now, and to test my abilities I decided to put one of the game’s main characters (group of characters), a Greybeard, into carbonite as a sort of joke/tribute to Star Wars. 

Here is my creation in Skyim:

Greybeard in Carbonite

I posted the image on r/Skyrim just to see what people think.   It’s rare in its self to get voted up at all on reddit, but the image ended up getting voted up to the #1 spot for most of the day.  Yes that is cool, but it wouldn’t of been THAT big of a deal if Bethesda hadn’t caught wind of it. They put it on the game’s official facebook page, tweeted it out, and put it on their blog.

Here is the reddit page with comments and 2,700 up-votes.

Here’s Bethesda’s development blog post highlighting the image.

And here’s the Elder Scroll’s Facebook page post with 2,500 likes and over 300 shares.

I shared it with DK and they put it on their blog as well:

If I had known it was going to blow up like this, I would have attached my name to it more haha.  I would have hosted it on my own website to drive people there.  I used imgur to host it, and the image that 99% of the people saw would have no idea it was by me.  That’s ok though, It’s just cool to know that people see it and like it.  Imgur stats reported over 200,000 views in just over 24 hours.  

Nerds love it!

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